I'm building an 8-bit computer from scratch that partially will run programs written in C ++.

At the moment this computer is fully functional.This computer currently has the following modules:

Because of my passion for C++ and Computer Architecture right now this computer is being updated to partially run programs written in C ++.

I am making a computer that can run the C++ described in this publication by Bjarne Stroustrupp,In addition to the features that were already present in the previous version, the new architecture offers more features: Hardware implementation of multiplication and division, support function calls, more addressing modes, hardware-software co-design to support floating points numbers, floating point registers, interface for LCD display, shift registers, interrupts, hardware-software co-design for heap allocation, extension of the memory address space and program counter, support for two or more programs in the memory of the computer at the same time using dynamic reallocation, I tried to add parallelism, but the cost overhead was too high that I ended giving up, to this day I'm still working in the implementation of this architecture.

1 update: 8 bit program counter

1 update on the creation of a computer that will partially run C++, updated program counter from 4 bit to 8 bit, allowing now to address 256 bytes

2 update: Two 8 bit register

2 update on the creation of a computer that will partially run C++, Two 8 bit register whit two 3 state bus interface, together they can form a 16 bit register whit a 3 state bus interface.

3 update: The 8-bit memory module is now complete

I finished a part of the memory module, this part has the 8-bit Memory Address Register (MAR) and 8 position dip switches. This part also makes it possible to choose where the addresses for memory come from, which may come from the MAR or the switches.

4 update: work on cable management and added the CPU logic unit

I did some work on cable management and added the CPU logic unit. Using tubes to hold the wires is a great idea.

Second version of the 8-bit computer, this version is not finished yet


First version of the 8-bit computer